Examples of scalar energy in our world include gravity, clouds, thoughts, wind, the jet stream, and DNA. The jet stream is essentially a movement of scalar energy in the upper atmosphere.
Scalar energy causes air molecules to move to result in the wind. The jet stream is essentially a movement of scalar energy in the upper atmosphere.
Our clients receive a scalar energy chakra balancing seven days each week to balance and reprogram the seven chakras. The chakras are composed of scalar energy and thus transmit the Life Force energy throughout the body, thereby improving our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Furthermore, scalar power is vortical and imparts a spin or a vortical character upon the seven chakras. All activity in the universe is initiated by scalar energy as light precedes creation.
Scalar energy originates from the Sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe. Hence, scalar energy is omnipresent. Below are some of the cause and effect relationships that scalar energy exhibits in our world.


Examples of Scalar Energy in Our World

Woman holding earth in her hand
  • Scalar energy is the cause of gravity. Scalar energy is a double-helix waveform that will nest or compress in many environments—this nesting or compression results in the force field of gravity.
  • Scalar energy is capable of moving air molecules, which results in wind. Thus, the underlying cause of current, as well as the jet stream, is scalar energy.
  • Scalar energy assumes the shape of a double helix and is responsible for
  • We are creating and maintaining DNA which is likewise a double helix structure.
  • The contractive action of scalar energy will organize or assemble clouds, whereas, the
  • Expansive action of scalar energy will disorganize or disassemble clouds.
  • All cognitive thoughts are initiated by scalar energy. That is, every idea is a
  • Broadcast of scalar energy.
  • Memory is a function of scalar energy. People with enhanced memories enjoy a scalar energy environment that enables their minds to experience exceptional recall. Scalar energy is the perfect information system of the universe that makes memory recall
  • Possible.
  • Scalar energy imparts various harmonics or instructions upon the soil. Ultimately, these harmonics or instructions serve to organize and assemble the minerals found in our soil.

Scalar energy is a direct manifestation of God the Creator and thus is the animating force of creation. Harnessing and control scalar energy will allow humanity to harness and control design. Hence, scalar energy will one day enable society to have control or dominion over nature. The welfare of humanity will dramatically improve once scalar energy is embraced and utilized in our everyday lives.