Scalar Energy assembles and maintains the intramolecular & intermolecular bonds of physical matter. The Scalar Light Pathogen Cleanse disassembles harmful pathogens and their associated toxins.

In practice, I have developed scalar energy instruments capable of disassembling or transmuting pathogens and their associated toxins by negating their atomic and molecular bonds. I can calibrate scalar energy instruments to reject intramolecular bonds and deny intermolecular bonds. As a result, both pathogens and toxins are disassembled or transmuted into smaller, harmless physical forms that do not pose a threat to human health. Succinctly, scalar energy disassembles pathogens and toxins, whereby both cease to exist as antigens.

On the contrary, pharmaceutical drugs are chemical agents that are utilized to destroy a pathogen. Many pharmaceutical drugs serve to interrupt the metabolic pathways of pathogens or inhibit their cell wall synthesis. These actions are chemical and are not always effective in destroying a pathogen; whereas, scalar energy as a primal force in nature is always effective in disassembling and transmuting a pathogen. It is crucial to note that pathogens are created and maintained by scalar energy as this fundamental force in nature is responsible for the molecular structure of all life forms. Thus, I can utilize scalar power to provide mastery over pathogens and toxins, thereby negating their molecular forces causing both the pathogen and the poison to disassemble into harmless, physical forms and subsequently cease to pose a threat human health.

Breaking bonds, computerized concept

The scalar light Pathogenic Cleanse disassembles the molecular bonds of mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis, thereby causing this bacterium to cease to exist.
There are no harmful side-effects associated with scalar energy because this primal force in nature is pure, natural energy that operates at the quantum level and represents the Life Force of the universe. Accordingly, the transmutation of the molecular structure of pathogens and their associated toxins by way of scalar energy – the Life Force – is an effective and safe treatment for both pathogens and toxins. The scalar light pathogenic cleanse relies upon scalar light as the animating force to disassemble and transmute pathogens and toxins in the application.
On the contrary, pharmaceutical drugs utilize chemical agents to destroy or inhibit a pathogen. As a result, there are typical drug reactions that are harmful, such as die-off, Herxheimer reaction, toxic shock, allergic reaction, difficulty in breathing, overdose reaction, nausea, vomiting, rashes, diarrhea, itching, etc. Pharmaceutical drugs produce a chemical response to address pathogenic infection resulting in unwanted and sometimes harmful consequences. Pharmaceutical drugs are not fundamental and thus do not offer consummate control over pathogens and toxins, as does scalar energy. Consequently, pharmaceutical drugs are not necessarily an effective and safe treatment for either pathogens or toxins.

Planets of the solar system, 3D rendering isolated on white background

The Sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points of origin for scalar energy. All energy in the universe originates as scalar energy and will subsequently convert into electromagnetic energy in many environments. Thus, scalar energy is the predominant energy of the universe: a dimension that is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
As a fundamental force in nature, scalar energy serves as the instructions for assembling all matter. That is, all atomic and molecular bonds are created and maintained by way of scalar energy. The ability to control scalar power provides mastery over atomic and molecular bonds; hence, a scalar energy instrument will provide knowledge over atomic and molecular bonds. As a result, matter can be easily transmuted with a scalar energy instrument.
In summation, scalar energy offers a fundamental approach to disassemble or transmute pathogens and their associated toxins so that these antigens cease to exist, no longer presenting a threat to human health.
The scalar light pathogenic cleanse is an effective and safe treatment to disassemble pathogens as well as toxins. Humanity will soon embrace the scalar light pathogenic cleanse as the solution for pathogenic disease without any harmful side effects.