Daniel Tammet is an example of an individual who can quickly and efficiently access and process scalar energy. For instance, Daniel Tammet has demonstrated that he can recall 22,514 digits of pi in slightly more than 5 hours. This incredible feat of memorization is made possible by Daniel Tammet’s ability to access and process scalar energy, thereby allowing him to memorize this transcendent number quickly.

Furthermore, Tammet claims that each integer appears in a specific shape, color, texture, and feel. According to Tammet, the number 333 appears esthetically attractive, whereas the number 9 is large and intimidating. The ability to associate a specific shape with a number is a condition known as synesthesia made possible by accessing and processing scalar energy. Scalar energy is the animating principle behind synesthesia.

Scalar energy programs the mind of Daniel Tammet, thereby giving him incredible cognitive and imaginative abilities. Tammet’s gifts are not self-taught but rather indicate that the universe’s scalar energy matrix or hologram facilitates such prodigious ability. Succinctly, scalar energy serves as the carrier wave for all the universe’s instructions or intelligence, and Daniel Tammet enjoys this interface to an exceptional degree.

Many people enjoy incredible cognitive abilities on account of scalar energy. Some people can access the infinite instructions or intelligence of the universe by way of a scalar energy interface. Specifically, some people can think, memorize, compute and imagine at an accelerated and perfected state because their minds can quickly and efficiently access and process scalar energy.

Scalar energy Chakra balance serves to correct the seven chakras of the body. Chakras are composed of scalar light and are accordingly receiving continuous instructions or intelligence through scalar energy. That is, scalar power serves as the carrier wave for all instructions or brightness of the universe.

Three Protocols in the Scalar Energy Healing Sessions

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  1. Chakra Balance
  2. Nutrient Therapy
  3. Pathogenic Cleanse

The standardized scalar energy treatments are designed to abet the health of everyone and thus represent universal health care for all. Scalar energy is omnipresent and has an immediate effect upon all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical order. The entire universe is animated by scalar energy which imparts instructions or intelligence throughout the universe, thereby creating order out of chaos. In short, scalar energy precedes creation and is the first cause of all activity in the universe. Accordingly, the scalar energy treatments utilize scalar power and restore order out of chaos for the soul, mind, emotions, and physical body.