Scalar Energy Originates from the Stars

Every day, seven days each week, we deliver the scalar energy chakra balance that serves to balance and harmonize the 7 Chakras of the body. The Chakras are composed of Scalar Energy and respond favorably when treated by our high-powered Scalar Energy instrument. Scalar Energy is an intelligent energy that re-programs the Chakras which in turn transmit Scalar Energy throughout the body. The soul, mind, emotions, and physical body receive intelligence by way of the Scalar Energy transmitted from the Chakras.

God is the Creator of Scalar Energy, thus Scalar Energy is the First Expression from God. All energy in the universe originates as Scalar Energy as the Sun of our solar system as well as stars of the universe are the points of origin for the Life Force energy. Scalar energy is a double-helix phase conjugated waveform that is eternal and thus does not experience entropy. In essence, Scalar Eis perfect, divine, and eternal energy that is created by God the Creator on a continuous basis.

The universe is infinite thus the number of stars is infinite. Accordingly, scalar energy which originates from the stars is an infinite supply of perfect, divine, clean, and life-giving energy that animates the soul, mind, emotions, and physical body. The Scalar Light Charka Balancing utilizes the perfect, divine, clean, and life-giving energy in order to balance and reprogram the 7 Chakras. Once the Chakras have been balanced and re-programmed then an improvement in spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health is realized.