Milky Way Galaxy stars emanate scalar light. Every day, seven days each week, we deliver the scalar light chakra balance that corrects and harmonizes the seven chakras of your body. The seven chakras are composed of scalar energy and process and transmit this Life Force energy throughout the human soul, mind, and body. Thus, the seven chakras program the soul, mind, and body by way of scalar energy.
Scalar energy originates from the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the
universe. Scalar energy carries information. Hence, scalar energy is informational energy that serves to program the universe, including the seven chakras. In essence, the scalar energy chakra balance utilizes Sunlight and starlight to provide the correct information and programming for the seven chakras. Every scalar light chakra balance serves as a “jump-start” to correct the chakras’ disequilibrium and disharmony. Once the chakras are updated and harmonized, correct information can be transmitted to the soul, mind, and body.